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        Squid is works well with windows that are exposed to lots of sunlight as the Squid Fabric helps keep the sun's heat out. Squid also works very well in extreme humidity as well.

        Moisture and Heat Resistant

        Squid has been tested against strong solar radiation and 99% humidity in a laboratory setting. Under both conditions, Squid excelled and the adhesive strength was not effect at all. 

        Less Heat from the Sun

        Squid Fabric is able to block heat from the sun in two ways: The no air gap between your sun-resistant material and the glass and the reflective ability of the fabric itself. The fabric is able to reflect around 25%-36% of the sun's energy depending on  the color of the fabric. Other tests have show that Squid can reduce temperature by at least 3°C.


        Squid is usable on a variety of windows: Velux skylights, south-facing sliding windows, glass roofs, domes, conservatories, etc. You can also use Squid on glass and high-performance glass as well.

        Squid Fabric Sun Resistant